i want a heavy sounding rig for the punk and metal bands i'm in. i don't want too much of a bassy sound though, or pure treble.

my amp is one of those ibanez tone blasters.

a IS412CS with a TBX150H head

the guitar is a special made basswood guitar, with a dimarzio PAF pickup in the neck...

it's got a licensed floyd rose trem with the lock and everything, and all i need to know is what a good pickup would be for the bridge.

i play lots of stuff like children of bodom, pantera, celtic frost, exodus, kreator, testament, mastodon, superjoint ritual, black dahlia murder, lamb of god, etc.

so i would like a pickup that would get me close to that sound.

thanks in advance
EMG 81's are a killer pickup. if you want passive, i would suggest emg H4 series pickups. I got em in an ibanez and they are pretty sweet,
yeah i hear alot about the emg81/85 set. but i wanna know if they'll sound good on basswood. cuz some pickups sound like shit in certain woods...anyone else have any suggestions??