Hey peeps,

So here's another mellow one, something to chill out to.

English Rose @ PureVolume

Still not happy with my vocals, they sound very nasaly when singing high pitched.

i WILL crit back, just give me your link!! Cheers!!

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English Rose is the song right?

Sounds nice and relaxing - i dont think its very nasaly, but if you want to work on it theres plenty of lessons on UG - i remember a point from one of theses lessons saying to sound less nasaly, you have to raise (close) your palatte(or flap, whatever it was) whilst singing. Its the feeling when you are in the "peak" of yawn - you can feel the flap rise.

But you should check out the lesson - I remember it was a 4-part package and was stickied in a post.
I like the main Acoustic ryhthm, is it being played and sung at the same tiem? It sounds multi tracked, but I'm not sure.

The vocals, in my opinion only mind you, sound a bit...flat if u get my meaning. Almost like you are wispering at times I guess its meant to be like that.

Its a very sweet song though, and very well done instrumentally wise. Although I think u hit a few dead notes every now and again, but it could also be part of the songs as I've never heard it.

t's a very sweet acoustic love song though, and you should be proud you accomplished it like that without over doing it. I'd give it a 7.5/10, but could be a bit higher if I'd heard the song
Yeah I see what you mean about the flat singing, thanks for that crit. Do listen to the original, I think it may change your opinion.

I recorded both guitar and vocals at the same time. Will re-record this when i'm more confident in my singing.