OK I have got to rant a minute so please bear with me.

Back in August I got a cell phone from Sprint. ONe month later I added a second line. The second line goes dead the next day. Well I get it fixed and think everything is fine. NOPE. Halloween night my other phone breaks. After its waranty mind you.

Now I am trying to get it fixed. Well I have to drive all over Texas basically to find someone who can fix it. No one will. So I call Sprint for about a month until they finally say that they are going to replace it for free.

Well a month later I still dont have the phone so I call them to find out whats going on. They tell me its back ordered and they will send me a different phone. Then they tell me that for the inconvenience they are going to give me 3 months of free service.

Well that was in mid December. Now end of January my phone got disconnected. I havent got any bills or anything warning me about this, just straight cut them off. So I get a little mad and I call the main Sprint office. Then I get hung up on twice before I finally call the Account group.

The woman I talked to tells me that Im stupid because they dont give away free service. I tell her that obviously they employee liars. Anyway, we argue for about 30 minutes about what was said a month and a half ago.

Finally I tell her that she can take my contract roll a joint out of part of it and fuck herself with the rest, that I was going with another phone company. And hung up on her.

Sprint/Nextel employees a bunch of liars who dont give a damn about customers.

Anyway, I just needed to vent for a minute. There ya go, Im better now.