ok, so i just got a used epiphone lp standard a couple days ago. the strings on it were crap, so i went out and got some 9s to put on it. but i finished changing the strings, and now the E, A, and D strings buzz relentlessly, and the G, B, and e are completely dead.

the guitar had a very low action to begin with, and i didnt so any kind of a setup on it when i got it. i think the problem either lies in the truss rod or bridge. the trapezoidal shaped things that the strings run through on the bridge witht he grooves in them are quite loose, could that be the problem? how do i tighten them?

can anyone suggest what i could do to fix it?
i think you answered your own question, try raising the action at a guitar store, and lespauls, have a shorter scale 24 3/4 so the tensions going to be alittle loose on drop D trying puting .10's or .11's on. <3

raise the action by loosening the screws on either post of the bridge then raising the thumbscrews, pointed to by red arrows.

i dont know why the saddles are loose, dont move those around, or ur intonation will be off.

phil's pic.

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thanks guys, just needed to raise the action a little, must have knocked the screws arond while stringing it. thanks for the help.