Can somebody explain me how to use the metronome to build my speed (guitar) i dont know how many notes should be between every beat.
i would suggest brushing up on your music theory then.
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uhh, if you want to play faster, turn the metronome up quicker, then play to tempo. . . the idea is to be able to keep up with it. . .
Quote by cashewchaching
i would suggest brushing up on your music theory then.
This has little to do with music theory.

Try playing 4 notes per click at the slowest tempo. If that is easy, bump it up until you can't play cleanly. Practice at a comfortable speed and gradually increase your speed.

You'll want to play 16th notes (4 per click) to build speed since they are easy to count and allow you to play fast without having to play something ridiculous like 8th notes at 400 bpm. However, you should at least try odd groupings, even at slow speeds. Try playing 6 notes or 7 notes and such per click, even if you have to play dramatically slower to keep your rhythm straight.