Im gonna purchase a new guitar soon probably an ibanez or carvin...
so i decided i want to upgrade my rip-off strat to something more than crap
its a behringer guitar, you know that one you see for 99 bucks that comes with an amp. this was my first guitar which i still actually use to practice with now,

the guitar has tons of dents so the first thing i want to do is give it a new paint job, if anyone has any experience in this any help would be great. i plan on doing some striping but im not really sure how

i also wanna give it a new set of pickups nothing too too fancy, the strat i have is s-s-s the bridge pick up is on a slant
im thinking about getting the MMRSS-FM/WH on this site .. any suggestions would be helpful


i also wanna upgrade the electronics, right now the only thing i can think of is adding a coil tap, but i have no idea at all how to do this or even where to find one. If you got any other electronic upgrade suggestions please tell me

this guitar may be a piece of crap but i still love it cause it was my first!