Ok something i'm writing atm, but I really want to know what you guys think, is it bland? or do you like it seriously I want heavy constructive critism, because i'ts somethign I enjoy and would be depressing to not be very good at it.

Anyway this is something i've been doing it's halfway through ish.

The park bench is always empty,
there me sitting there all unwealthy

I'm waiting for the space ot be taken,
its taking long but I have my patience

Its getting cold and pretty dark,
i stand up and start to walk

I feel some words hit my neck
i turn a round to look and check

it's you, ect

The one i've waited for forever,
the one I thought would never deliver

But then you came and you chaged my mind,
i felt so i good it had to be a crime

I dined you and i wined you
kept you in my arms the hole way through

I took you too a restraunt becasue everywhere felt bare
my hearts open but please don't tear

it's you, ect