The End Of All Insanity

Looking down i see your face no more
im gonna be the star that you adore
those missed out chances that you ignore
im gone away just like before

in this place that i call happiness
theres nothing more and theres nothing less
and im gonna be the ****ing best
so just sit back and reminise

glory and power will all be mine
in this little world, its so divine
and i look back across that line
seeing you, you seem all alright

listen to yourself and tell me
you never want to see me again
listen to yourself and tell me
that this is the end
the end of all insanity

I like.

It does not seem to follow a set pattern, and it says something.
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Angelus Mortem
It's pretty good. The only line I would suggest working on is
In this place I call happiness.
The whole "In this place" is getting pretty overused these days.
Just a sugestion
I think "those missed out chances that you ignore" should have ignored instead of ignore, but that's just me. Overall it's pretty good. I also agree with Mr.Pink on the "In this place" line.

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