, my playing has been sucking lately and I can't seem to get back where I was technique wise. I'll get it back temporarily but then I can't seem to keep it that way, due to school, and other problems. Has this happened to any of you? If so, then what did you do to get your mojo back, besides practice like 10 hours.
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get drunk and play, that always gets me back into my groove, if nothing else you will be drunk and not care if you sound like shit
Who cares... just play yer guitar. Being good is just a perception, just play and practice and love it all.
I have nothing to put in here.
same, i recently took like a 2 week break from guitar, it helped a little.
Youtube covers

You never lost your mojo, it was always in you.
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whatcha gonna do
It's just a dip. you probably get it more often (or not), but it wil go over, over time. I guess everyone has some. Just don't go emo on it take a break or chill out.

I mean you have fights with ur girlfriend, and you wont go'around saying oh she doesn't love me anymore or something.

Another unlikely option is; no offence. But maybe you played some shit wrong but your ear/mind wasn't fully able to catch it up. Now it maybe has and you can hear it and your bummed.

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