Anyone use this? Im thinking of getting one ill be using it to play death metal mostly or if anyone knows of any other good ones im getting a behringer amp too its got distortion but i want a good pedal that will last and i wont have to upgrade im using a rouge distortion now and its startind to just scream and make noise.
the metal muff would def last longer than ur behringer... my gmx has random problems
i rarely use the top boost cos it hurts my ears... takes a bit to fiddle with
metal muff is great for rythm work imo
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thanx it sounds good and i havnet heard alot of good stuff about behringer amps so i was able to find a used peavey 2x12 its a old one late 80s i think but i like peaveys alot i got a 15" peavey bass amp ive been playing my guitar through with cheap distotion i heard the distoriton isnt good but ill be getting this so thats no big deal
its awesome. as you can see i have one. great punch, and eq controls. the top boost is cool.
It is awesome, I have it, and can play all styles of metal, from classic metal, to death metal.
mine sounds great at high volumes. i crank it through my 120 watt tube stack all the time.
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i had one it didnt sound good at high volumes

yeah it does. i smacked my amp up to twelve and it sounded better than when it was quiert. youve gotta mess with the eq.
how are they on tube vs solid state amps
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they sound better through tube amps , but it sounds just fine on SS amps as long as you keep the volume on the pedal down so you dont overload the preamp transistors.
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it sounds awful on ss. my spider II sounds awful with or without it.

Is there any situation when it doesn't?

I wish I could get my hands on a big muff myself... But I'm broke. And it wouldn't be of much use through a 15 watt amp.
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i have a gmx and the distortion is really good. My friend has the metal muff and although he doesnt have his set to death metal settings of any sort our distortion is similar. The gmx has a really good distortion tho...and very versatile it could definitley handle death metal i would say...