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Do you use a pick

i personally dont' and ive been playing for abouty 2-3 years and im compelty hopeless with picks

i normally play with a pick, but I learned both ways just in case I don't have one on me or I break my previous one


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i use picks but try to finger pick on occasion, but i usually do a combonation of both. i'll use the pick to strike a string and then pluck a different string with another finger at the same time. not sure what it's called....plucking?
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^ Hybrid picking, I believe.

there it is. i knew there was some term for it.
I use both, it all depends on the feel I want for the song.
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if im playing acoustic generally i don't use a pick but for electric i do most of the time

its cool since i usually use my fingers to strum and whatnot the nail on my index finger has become harder and grows a lot slower than my fretting hand
I do both. But mostly just use my fingers because i never carry picks around with me in the house so when i get impulses to play guitar i often dont have a pick around. But I do play with picks a bit.
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Mostly fingerpicking, but it depends on what i'm playing...

My favourite pick btw is Orange Star Pick!
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