Hey im getting rid of some gear for a new purchase. So heres your chance to own some good gear.

1) 2005 Gibson Explorer EMG 81/85 Great Condition. Just had a guitar tech check it out and he gave it a clean bill of health. Plays great. Asking 850 obo

2) Year Unknown Randall VMAX head Great Condition. Footswitch included only problem is Footswitch jack on back of amp is broken. Its a quick fix i think a wire just came loose but i never used it for more than a practice amp so i never got it fixed. Asking 750 OBO.

I have pics but dont want to load them up here email me for them. KariteKihaku@hotmail.com will arrange for local pick up if your near by Tampa, FL.

Also willing to accept BK Ceramic Warpig uncovered or BK Cold Sweat uncovered and cash for either item
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damn wish i had 850...
free up.
any pics of the explorer?
my E-mail is halo_43094@yahoo.com
mail my pics of the X-plorer
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