i've been looking at this guitar for a while now.. i went to the local guitar store today and played one for near two hrs and loved it.... i was wonderin if anyone has one and what they think of it? it got good reviews that ive seen but id like to hear from someone who plays one... any problems? how long have you had it and are you still impressed?

i have one and ive had it for two months. i love it to death and i have no problems. i use ernie ball beefys and it plays great, just make sure u get it set up at ur local shop.
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I have it in 3-tone sunburst. Mine had a bit of fret buzz from the shop, but I got a setup done and now it plays beautifully. My only complaint is the nut on the input jack keeps coming loose, but that's easily fixed (until it comes loose again a month later...). 2 minor finish flaws, nothing really noticeable. I would recommend it, but try out other guitars too before you settle on it.
It is by far the best looking guitar ever, and oh man, it sounds as beautiful.

The low E string pops out of the bridge sometimes, but I filed it and it's all good now. 3-tone sunburst FTW.
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They're good.... you may wanna roll down your tone knob, they're really trebly. The Jazz is great for cleans, and the coil-tap feature gives even better cleans.
That guitar is so beautiful it makes me splooge... the fretboard... my god...
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