i've had the idea of putting a prestige neck on a SG body.. but i don't know a lot about building a guitar. sooo all i want to know is if its possible
if it was on an existing one, what steps would I have to take to do so?
cuz i would have no idea what im doing from scratch
Umm...Most decent SGs have set necks...So you have to cut that off, and route the neck joint for a bolt-on neck, with the specifications for a Prestige neck.
If it was a bolt-on SG...I don't know...just have to change the neck pocket til the Prestige fit.

Wait...what scale length is a Prestige neck? *googled it*
Oh. They're 25.5" scale. Won't work. At all.
SG's are usually 24.5".

EDIT: Will's right. I must be getting tired. It's 24.75" for most SGs.
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^ Gibsons are 90% of the time 24.75 inches, Forsak
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