hey guys
well ive heard the neck on the js series an the jem series were different...how different are they??im told that the neck of the js is more rounder than flater am i right?
the JEM has a thinner neck,much more like the wizard necks of the RGs, whereas the Js neck is thicker, and yeah it has a tighter radius, so it is more curved like you said
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Neck joint, JS has the old square joint while the JEM7V has AANJ. JS neck is thicker and has smaller radius so its rounder.
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The original Satch sig series had super high output pickups and thin shredder neck, which isn't what Joe wanted. Now the JS has more of a strat sized/shaped neck with medium output pickups.

The JEM is full on shred, thin multi radii neck and screaming pu's.
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