Ok Soul to Squeeze first...

The sync on the guitars sounds off a bit, the quality isnt that bad for a cheap mic, it's obvious you tried to multitrack this song, which is good. OK singing, i'm not one really to criticize because I can hardly sing. It's good, could use some work on the higher notes. Sounds pitchy sometimes, but with a better recording (a bit of reverb etc.), it would sound really good. Overall I like your vocals... but invest in a good mic!!

Under the bridge...

It's not really a good idea to submit unfinished songs. This one needs a bit more work and practice. Again vocals sound good enough but needs some work on the high pitched notes. I prefer soul to squeeze tbh!!

May I also suggest that you use purevolume.com or dmusic.com for your music, soundclick is , well, shit.

Can you crit my acoustic stuff???:::