Hey I'm looking into getting a reverb pedal and possibly a delay pedal as well. If I get both will they be able to work together well to get some great tones? Would I be able to run both through my Mesa Boogie Triple recto? Would getting a Echoplex Digital Looper later still work with my pedals + recto? How about getting a POD (because the recto's freaking loud for my dorm hall)?

Anyways I'm been looking at the Boss RV-5 for reverb and Boss DD-6 for delay, they both get lots of good reviews on musiciansfriend. I really liked the sampled reverb for the RV-5 too, but I couldn't find any samples for the DD-6... anyone know where some are?
Ive heard the Holy grail reverb by Electroharmonix is much better than any digital reverb. And for Delay, I liked the Line 6 Echo Park which is comparably priced. If price isnt an issue, get a Memory Man, although if you need a tap tempo, it doesnt have it.
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I dont really know too much about reverb pedals, but you cant really go wrong with the DD-6 for delay. If youre willing to spend an extra $20 or so, you could bump it up to the DD-20 also.
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