i so have my eye on this one. anyone own this guitar?

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It looks like it's the same guitar as my RG3EX1 except without the nice cosmetics. I'm no guitar pro, so take my comments with a grain of salt, but overall I'm quite happy with my guitar. Compared to my fiance's Mexican Strat that we just picked up, I find my guitar to have a more robust tone, a LOT more sustain, and I find it much easier to play, especially on the low e string. It seems like the fretboard isn't curved as much, and with my sloppy playing, I tend to push the low e string off the fret board of the Strat. On the ibanez all of the strings seem to stay put better.

My only complaint with the guitar is that the nut holding the cord plug into the body won't stay tight and constantly backs out. I fixed it with some lock-tite thread locker. Minor complaint overall.