this is my one and (so far) only contribution of anything remotely emo. not my best work either. with that in mind, what do you think?

She shuffled through the darkness
To find a scrap of paper and a pen
So she could scrawl her last thoughts
Strung out and on the edge

"Why did life have to pass me by?
Why was it always me that had to cry?
I ask only one thing of you god,
Give my life back!"

Now clutching the crumpled note
Her breath faltering and failing
She cries out to the world in agony
Wanting only one question answered


Everyone has their own poisons and demons
And we all have our hurdles to jump over
Some of us fall and get lost along the way
But some of us don't ever get back up

Her spirit rose above the flames
And looked out into the empty void
She asked herself if this was right
As she turned away into the night

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i liked the idea of the song, but the chorus needs some work. I think if you replace the questions with some other lines then it would flow better. Otherthan that nice job
"This love is killing me but you're the only one, it's not over"---Daughtry