I have taken a break from metal for now, and latley been playing a lot of blues,and ,most classic rockish stuff. I want a pedal for a good Hendrix(specialy Red House ),SRV,David Gilmore and stuff like that. I already have a wah I was thinkin fuzz or octive or somthing. I have a couple hundred Dollars.
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get a damage control peddle. the womanizer i think...

Damage Control Blues. Honastly though for $200, get an American Big Muff, and maybe something funky sounding like the DOD envelope filter. If not get a Dunlop Fuzz Face. Ill warn u thou i have heard the newer ones suck but i havnt actually used one.. I suggest u try em out.
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Buy one from That_pink_queen.

Like $75 for vintage germanium fuzz, if your lookin' at fuzz.
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I do use my JNH for blues. But it works for me. Some people says its a piece of trash though.

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KR Gypsy Fuzz. They're $160 new and are supposed to be awesome, and it's perfect for you. If you're willing to spend a bit more go for a Roger Mayer Fuzz (Axis or Classic) or an Analog Man Sunface.
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