I currently own a Squer MB-5 with DiMarzio jazz humbuckers installed, (That's right, I modded a squier. Wanna fight about it?), and am quite fond of it, except for the fact that it is very quiet, being a passive guitar and all. At this point, the easiest guitar for me to buy would be a Peavey T-40 that a friend of a friend of a friend is selling for $150, in good condition. I have read a lot of good things about these, and own the T-60 6- string, but I want the opinion of someone who has played one before I get it...this one needs the jack rewired and new strings before I can play it.

My alternative is to get a bigger amp, which would be about $75-$100 more.
The T-40's are like tanks. You can't break 'em, and they're just as heavy.

And you can't probably can't gig with a 250 dollar amp.
Heh...so just like the 6-string then?

not a new one...it's an older model Peavey twin speaker tube amp...I have an old basic 40 and a (much smaller) Hartke A20.

Edit: I live in an arkansas retirement town of abour 6500 people, so these are not large gigs, though most are outdoor...I don't need a stack.
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