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That night I was with you, doing the things we used to do.
You said I was on your mind, and think of me, from time to time.
We said goodbye, that night.
Said goodbye, that night.

A day goes by and I cannot lie, the things I feel, just feel so right.
Although, we have our blues, I still love hanging out with you.
It's like we're on our own.
Like we're on our own.

A week goes on, I'm still alone. Pick-up the phone but your not home.
The thoughts of you running through my head, and all the things, I should have said.
But it's all in the past now.
It's all in the past now.

A year goes past, it is the last. My worst fear, it all ends here.
I look around, but I can't see. The sun that's shining, past the trees.
Its still not gone away.
Still not gone away.

After today I'll find a way, to fix this mess, that I have made.
I'll find a way to keep my friend. I'll keep her till the whole world ends.
I will not let go
Will not let go.