So alot of you have wondered, much like myself. "What is the new 'Pumpkin's' album going to be like? Is it just Zwan? I don't know. People think James isn't in it. I also think James isn't around, but when I look at it, hasn't it been over a year since A Perfect Circle put out an album? Is it possible the other guys were there?

Just a thought. What do you guys think?
James is not in the studio with Billy and Jimmy, unless he's a closely guarded secret. But why do that? But honestly, Billy and Jimmy are all you need in the studio. As much as I love James, D'arcy and Melissa, Billy often played all the bass and guitar parts. Or at least overdubbed them all himself. I think the album is going to rock hard. It will be dense I'm sure.
I do think that Billy doing it under the name of the Pumkins is trying to get his music heard, I would like to think that he at least has trick up his sleeve. We will never know until the album comes out. I am just HOPING. Dont ruin it for me. I know that James ownes the studio with the guys from fountians of wayne, but it would be nice to let us wish. I personally liked the Zwan album, but that doesn't mean that the Radio did. I would like it very much if Billy's songs became radio play again.
Meh. The new Pumpkins still has Billy and Chamberlain, who were the songwriting/musical core of the band anyway. Iha didn't put much into the songwriting process, so he won't be a crippling loss. And anyway, it's strongly rumoured Billy used to overdub his guitar parts in the studio. It'd be nice to see him back, but he's not crucial. And personally, D'Arcy can shove her bass where the sun don't shine. She had a massive role in killing the original lineup, and if she comes back, Iha definately won't.
And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me: no, nor woman neither... nor women neither.
thank you all for contributing, but I think Caustic said it all when he said that Billy did it all.
Still, you can't deny that Zwan and Billy's solo effort wasn't different. I think that it is a state of mind for Billy, that's why SP was so special. No matter, I will buy the next album, just like the rest, only then will we see.
I hope James does go back with the band. it wont be the same without him.
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