i got to a pretty swank school. its a state school but still so much better than all the private schools nearby

best in the state apparently
theres a computer for every student pretty much and the teachers are given laptops and there are 4 grand head projectors in every classroom

huge lecture threate

10 million dollars being spent on a sports stadium. another 5 million on a performing arts building

u get the point
huge fricken budget

but the school has failed in the music department.
a marshall mg50. worst amp in the history of man kind. it hurt to hear it

a crap laney that sounds like mud and 3 squires . u cant play them tho coz the strings will give u tetanus

slackkk i say

are other schools like this
My school doesn't even have a music program with guitars. We have choir and old school band (trumpets, flutes, trombones, etc.)
What school is it?

By the way, I'd get used to having crap equipment in the music department.
my school used to have assigments like :

literature, architecture, painting, drawing, theatre, dance, music and some other crap

this year, my first years in that school we're going to have

music, theatre, dance and literature

and the sound system at the auditorium has 4 huge speaker boxes, but only one works, and all the mics are terrible
chancellor state college

right near some uni

in the middle of nowhere

yaya for me :\

hmm yer i spose i will have to get used to it

what sucks tho is that poor bogan schools nearby cant even afford a computer yet they have a excellent music progam with decent playable guitars

i would go there if i wasnt scared of derros

and i spose it wont matter too much when i get my wicked cool guitar and amp.
the amp will be heavy tho

possibly not transportable. damn
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At least there are guitar's in your music department....we have no guitars...a bass..and a $5,000 drum set my school's retarded.
Australia, right?

Anyways, funding for a school doesn't really matter for certain departments - it all depends on the director of the department I guess.

BTW, those are some ridiculous numbers. $4000 for a projector? You can get pretty damn good ones for $2000. This is American though I'm talking... so I can't confirm.

Our football stadium cost us $3 million to upgrade several years ago, state of the art turf and whatnot. It's supposedly one of the best high school stadiums in Ohio.

How about you make some suggestions to the music department if you have not already.
organize a fundraiser u noodledoodle. at our school we have like 500 students, no canteen or vending machines.... when there is a sausage sizzle or like cans of soft drink for sale, the profit made is in the thousands $$$$
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^ jeez ill be grateful

theres like 800 kids at our school. so its still pretty small

yer in australia

the projector thingies vary. the middle school (yr 7,8,9) is a few years older than the senior school and they went all out on the senior school. theyv yet to build the rest of the school for grade 12's.

ill ask burguez. the music teacher about it. teachers always feel sorry for me and are begging me to smile (often bribe me to do so) so its worth a shot