Hey, for a school task I have to learn some Blues songs and I was wondering if anyone could recommend some Blues songs with some sweet licks in them.

In particular I was looking for a great BB King song, Duane Allman, or a Rory Gallagher song, so if anyone could recommend pretty much the best song by these artists it would be much appreciated.

Other artists welcome and encouraged.

Thanks heaps.
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^ Damn that sounds like a pretty awesome school "task".

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^ Damn that sounds like a pretty awesome school "task".


Yeah, it's for music.
If you don't care about tuning to open-E, Statesboro Blues would be a great Duane Allman one.

Or, there's a standard version of Dreams by the Allman Brothers on here: that's a great solo as well.
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I'd go with any of the first few songs on "Live at the Regal" after the intro song. "Sweet Little Angel," "It's My Own Fault," or possible "How Blue Can You Get " (my favorite being the last).
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Peter Green or any other of John Mayall's guitarist's during te 60's.

Whipping post or You dont love Me are good son gfor stealin licks too. Allmans!

Bloody good task
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