thread starter, can you please explian to me what they are?

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I think stone is either 7 or 14 lbs

Edit I'm gonna go with 14 because it's rather unlikely you're 56 pounds

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sounds like....u need a...

He means Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound pickups. They're very high output, with wider pole pieces.

Oke, are you referring to the QP Precision pup, or the Jazz QPs? If you mean the Precision pup, listen to Blink 182 (I'm so, so sorry) for an idea; Mark Hoppus' bass has a QP in it.
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Sounds to me like an excuse.

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Listen to the intro of "Online Songs" by Blink 182, it'll give you a very good idea what the QP P sounds like.
Some of the recordings on my bands myspace (www.myspace.com/overturemusicuk) are played with both P and J quarter pounders together in equal amounts. Stir of echoes and six feet under feature those pickups.

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