(added chrome neck plate, black LP jack plate, and another set of standard black switch knobs; bumped asking price to $135 shipped)

Ok, so I bought a lot of guitar parts from a guy, and pulled out all the things I needed (a LOT of screws, and electronics, some body trim, etc.), and am ready to hand off the rest to the next luthier/DIYer.

So these are all new in unopened packages (one or two are /slightly/ opened :-) ). I'm including the All Parts part numbers so you can verify the retail. Basically I'm asking half-price on the lot, and I'm covering shipping (international will be extra), so I'm asking $135 shipped for the lot. The one oddball -- the panel light lenses. I'd like to keep one of each of the red, blue and yellow. I factored that into my asking price, BUT, if you need both of one or more of the colors, we can talk -- I have an amp that I'd like to swap the power lens on from time to time...but I could give up that fun :-)

Ok, here's the full list:

guitar string ferrules AP 0087-001
eyelet bushings TK 0902-001
green abalone dots LT 0483-081
acoustic bridge RP279
Panel light lenses blue EP_0826-027
panel light lenses red EP_0826-026
panel light lenses green EP_0826-029
panel light lenses yellow EP_0826-022
Endpin jack EP 4605-010
Star strap buttons (2) AP 6678-010
Skull strap buttons AP 6676-010
Metric switch knobs (cream) (2) SK 0643-028
Metric switch knobs (black) (2) SK 0643-023
Standard switch knobs (white) (2) SK 0710-025
standard switch knobs (black) (2) SK 0710-023
rynthm/lead ring (cream) (3) AP 0663-28
guitar case hinges (2) CP 9930
Cream cover plates PG 913
black cover plates (2) PG 914
brown cover plates PG 814
LP Pickguard (black) PG 0800-033
w/b/w trem cavity cover PG_0556-035
nickel hb covers PC 0300-001
cream pickup covers PC 0406-023
white pickup covers PC 0406-025
tele input cup (2) AP 0275-010
chrome strat input jackplate AP 0610-010
black LP jackplate AP 0633-023
chrome Neck Plate AP 0600-010

Luthiers, notice the abalone inlay dots, and the acoustic bridge. There's also a set of nickel HB covers, and the cover plates are all for LP style guitars. There's an endpin jack for acoustic guitars. And if you like flash, notice the star and skull strap buttons -- they're Grover locking types.

Cash by PayPal, or USPS MO strongly preferred, but trades considered. There are a number of other parts I still need for my own projects, so if you have these and want to trade parts for parts, let me know:

HB pickup rings
nut blank, or 1.5" bass nut
2 string guides
tele bridge
tele 3-way switch
les paul 3-way switch
Bill Lawrence pickups
P/J pickup sets, or J single (don't need to be anything special)

Thanks for looking, folks!

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So the cover plates are the back control cavity cover and the back switch rout cover (the small round for the cabity the 3-way switch is in) -- they come together in a single pack. The cream pickup covers are just a basic set of single-coil covers. And no pickup rings -- that's actually something I'm in need of these days.

Here's a pic of the box, and a closeup on the covers:

LP Covers

Box O Parts

Pickup Covers

The "cream" pickup covers are tagged as white. But in this pic I've got a set of white ones next to a white trus cavity cover, then the "cream" ones next to a set of cream cavity covers. So, whether it's age, or mismarking, I can't call those white -- they seem definitely more to the cream end of the color range. They're completely sealed, so maybe if they were sitting in a store window for a while, it could be sunlight that aged it -- dunno.

Hope that helps!



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what are the cream cover plates and cream pickup covers? Pictures of either? Any cream pickup rings?
what model are the bill lawrence pups
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Pics of the star and skull strap buttons?? And the black LP pickguard. Cheers.
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