Hey, I'm in ROTC and although it's like 2 in the morning I was wondering if anyone could answer my question. Kind of weird, but when you are marching and you get the command rear march, I know you do a 180 with your left foot in front of you and end with your right foot in front of you, but which foot do you take your next step with? Sorry if this is stupid or whatever but it's killing me and I can't find any good websites with drill instructions on them.
Would you suggest the airforce? How much time would I have to spend with my family if I were to go in? I'll probably go in regardless but I'd like it if I'll have a decent amount of time with my family.
Well, I'm considering going to college first then going in as an officer. And I know I'm not going to be spending all day and night with my wife/baby but will I be able to see them more than any other branch?
thats hard to tell. i think it depends on your type of job maybe. like if you wanna be a pilot dont think your gona be spending a lot of time with them. plus officers have more responsibility then enlisted so you will be working more mentally.
Yeah I understand, and 1. Nah, no flying for me, I don't have the balls. I want to just have a normal job, only reason I want to join Airforce is that it seems like I can have basically a normal deskjob type thing(it is called the chair force) but with maybe more responsibility and definately more benefits.
They are letting a ton of officers go. Like making them separate early. I'd go enlisted if I were you. And right now you can go to school for free basically. The Air Force is the most family oriented of all the branches. But don't ask me for my opinion I am getting out in 2 weeks so you can kinda guess what I have to say.
o well i would be a pilot i'm hardore lol. but my eyes wont meet the vision requirements. i wanna get surgery to get 20/20 vision. if not then i might join the navy and be a navigator. anyways just go to www.airforce.com they have most of the jobs there. u can talk to a recrutier when the chat is online or send them a email.
Been in 6 years and i am a munitions systems craftsman (basically i work with all the explosives).
They have more new officers than they know what to do with. Here in the last year or so the air force has been down sizing and they gave a ton of officers incentives to get out.