I went into a guitar repair store to ask what electronics I'll need to get for my guitar that I'm building, but they didn't really tell me much (they didn't even mention the capacitors and resistors).... So I was hoping someone here could help me out and write a list of the stuff I'll have to get.

My guitar's features are:
- 2 Humbuckers and 1 single coil (HSH)
- Stratocaster body (with pickguard)
- 1 push-pull volume knob (for humbucker splitting), and 2 tone knobs
- 5-way pickup selector
- Killswitch (3-way on-off-on mini switch)

That's pretty much it I think.
If someone could give me a detailed list of the electronics I'll need to buy (eg. capacitors and what kind, resistors, wires, etc.) that'd be very much appreciated!

P.S. Any diagrams of wiring for this kind of setup are welcome!
not sure what you want the end results to be. but im pretty sure you dont need resistors. and youll need maybe two capacitors....and whats with the 3-way kill switch? you must have some sort of custom setup going on.
Instead of the 3 way switch. You might want to consider a momentory button style switch..

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I prefer two way killswitches because you can just rock out on them, going from one pole to the other end without worrying about the signal not cutting.

EDIT: Here's a wiring diagram from www.guitarelectronics.com
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And here's my killswitch diagram

Before anyone starts with the "what about the Seymour Duncan killswitch" I'll tell you that this diagram works, it has no buzz, and whatever buzz coming from your guitar is not related to the killswitch, and it is the most simple diagram for a killswitch I've ever seen. There's no replacing wires like on the SD diagram, just adding two new ones and a switch of your choice.

EDIT #2: I forgot you needed a HSH diagram, but you can just wire the neck humbucker like the bridge 'bucker.

Any questions?
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Radioshack will have a momentary SPST (I think that's what they are...) switch. Ask them for that specifically.
- 1 push-pull volume knob (for humbucker splitting), and 2 tone knobs
- 5-way pickup selector
You can get the stuff for these...at stewmac.com. Get the 500K push pull potentiometer.
I'll assume you want the push pull for a coil tap, and you don't want an auto coil tap.
Here's a diagram.

The red rectangles saying 150K are resistors. They'll make you pots read as 350K. This is a good compromise between single coils and humbuckers. The humbuckers won't be too warm, and the single coils won't be too bright. That's optional, you can just get 500K, if you want. You can get those at Radioshack, too. The .001 cap is for a treble bleed circuit. It smooths out my volume control. I like this so my volume knob changes aren't so dramatic. That's optional for you.
The pickup selector will be available at stewmac.com. I'm guessing you need a tone capacitor, as well. Stewmac only has .02 and .05 microfarad caps...but I recommend you go with a .02. It'll give the HBs more brightness.

Will_Minus posted a good killswitch diagram....So...anything else?
Oh, also, solder all the grounds to one point.

And you might want to consider properly shielding your guitar.
stewmac.com has the foil tape mentioned in this article.
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Thanks guys for the help and suggestions...

I've already got my 500k push-pull volume pot and 2 tone pots and my mini 3-way switch for killswitch... About the killswitch, I originally wanted a 2-way killswitch, but I changed my mind after seeing this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ022eXOK2Q
He explains the killswitch thing there.
By the way, this is what the guitar should look like when it's done...
(this is a virtual built picture)

EDIT: It probably wont have the pickup mounting rings when I build it, because I'm told that it's not possible on a pickguard, I just put it in the pic because it looks cooler.
Guitar 1.JPG
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Another thing, the killswitch is a 3-way so that you have on-off-on, so when playing if you accidently knock it up or down it wont stutter your sound.

The sound I want to get from my humbuckers (both Seymour Duncan Invaders) is a really heavy Tom Morello (RATM - Killing in the name, take the power back, all of those songs) style sound... He has EMG-81's, so any kind of wiring and capacitors that'll give me that kind of sound is all good... And the single coil (Seymour Duncan Vintage Rails) I want to get a strat-like tone (kind of Hendrixy) and funky sound...
I have NO experience whatsoever about guitar wiring and what to get so could someone please write up a list or somethin of the things I need to get? I dunno what all the capacitors and resistors and numbers mean, so if someone could do that that'd be awesome...

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Quote by forsaknazrael
A killswitch doesn't have to be a 3 way switch.
You could do a momentary SPST switch, like mentioned.

Also, i don't think you'll get a Tom morello sound from Invaders...They're kinda muddy.
And his Heavy sound is maybe from his tuning, I believe he often plays pretty low, as low as Drop-B.

Like I said, I know nothing about wiring and capacitors and stuff, so I was just wondering how I should wire it and with what caps to get me a heavy sound like that of Tom's...

And I've already got my 3-way switch, and I guess I'll just have to see how it goes and if I hate it then I'll probably get a momentary switch and change it.

So... what I really need to know is what caps and everything I'll need to get, cause I've got no idea!
I'd guess he uses either .22 or .47 caps.

But caps wouldn't give you a heavy sound on their own, Morello uses a Marshall JCM800 on the overdrive channel to get his heavy sound.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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