I realize this might fit better in the music discussion section, but that area seems filled with guitar players as opposed to bass players.

Basically I'm a guitar player that is playing bass in a band. I know a lot of theory (modes triads, roots, etc...)
So far I've been playing the root notes plus the tonality of the chord, so for F#m I would play something like

A---------------|----0--4----|          repeat

basically just doing root followed by diminished third and fifth. This works pretty good, but gets a little boring. I was wondering if modes work well with bass? I know this works pretty good with guitar, but I'm just not sure for bass. Let's say the progression is in the key of C. I could play E Phrygian, but would this work well if guitar is currently on a different chord?

Should I try to include root of current chord and mix it with modes of other chords?
Any info would be helpful, Thanks
Minor third no?

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I think you will get a better response in the musicians forum, but i will try and help where i can.

yes, you can use modal playing with bass, just the same as the guitar.

Give us an example of your bands chord progression.

it depends on what kind of sound you want. most basslines stick to the root and then mix it up with notes from the scale of the chord the guitars are playing. So if you guitarist is playing a c chord, you can play any note from the C scale and it will fit. what C scale you choose is really down to you, and what type of C chord your guitarist is playing. Some scales are neutral and this sound good over any gender of chord, others dont..