So I took it upon myself to promote my friend's experimental band. In my little town of charleston south carolina, we have nothing coming out of here but half assed emo fags with no talent who somehow become popular. Then there is your underground "metal" which is just a bunch of screamo bullshit with 13 year olds wailing over their wal-mart instruments.

So yes, my friends attempted to create a band based off of more of a classical feel, and an understanding of musical theory. At first it was just an experiment, "bass metal" i believe they called it (for substituting a five string bass and a keyboard for guitars). It came out with a really unique feel to it, but i'm supposing now they want to head in more of a gothic, dark, progressive metal direction. Think symphony x, nightwish, dream theater, etc.

I believe they had a website and whatnot, but they created a myspace to get more attention. (we originally depised myspace for band advertising because all the damn emo kids rule myspace now) The only song up currently is "Ultima Eklipta" I believe the version with the vocalist, among other songs shall be up shortly. http://www.myspace.com/hfthmusic

I support this band like my own... me and the bassist (creator of the band) intend to create a recording studio over the next few years. Respectivly I'm a guitarist myself, but only a mediocre one, so over time of forging my skills I may become adoupted into the band. Likewise me and the bass player are working on our own idea for another band called "Nocturnal Guardian." Feel free to leave us comments and constructive critisim. Flamers will be dealt with by our pedophile lead singer.