how different is the Eric Johnson strat to a regular American and Mexican strat?

i tried out the MIM and MIA strat and found that they were slightly disappointing, well they played nicely the tone wasn’t spectacular however i was using a marshall TSL( )
seriously people say MGs were bad, the marshal TSL is not nice at all and the DSL is to in consistent for my liking.

What amp has the best cleans as well as best distortion, im after some thing with fendery cleans and marshall/vox distortion, im worried ill have to buy two amps to achieve my desired tone, i wish there was a line 6 style amp that actually had decent tone, but im after an amp or pre amp that can let me get perfect distortion and perfect cleans. any recommendations?

My ultimate tones;

Eric Clapton – neck pickup on a strat on sunshine of your love or white room on the reunion gig at the Albert hall

Hendrix – little wing tone

SRV – little wing

Eric Jonson – clean tone

Brian may – any song with Paul Rogers

Slash – rhythm tone with guns n roses

I no most of these guys have marshals but I am not impressed with the cleans on marshals, also Brian uses a vox amp which I love.

What amp suits the styles I like?
And what is the best guitar for my style? I love strats the most; the playability on them is great and they are extremely versatile?

Any price range but I don’t want to buy more than one amps and one guitar.
any particular one?

can it do marshall crunch and perfect cleans?

i just had a look at those randall pre amp things, are they any good?
Well if you're willing to spend some money, i'd go for an "Orange" amp, and one of those sweet sweet Paul Reed Smith guitars. I think that should somehow do the trick ^^
can you be more specific? cause i need to know how much money to get before i get it, i heard mixed things about orange and i have heard some one use an orange amp and THB it sucked
Well, the amps cost a lot of money. An AD 30 HTC costs about 1100€, but you could find it for less with some luck. Paul Reed Smith guitars are almost in the same price range, depending on what kind of quality you would want, and how much you're willing to pay for it.

And i haven't quite heard any complaints about Orange amps. Only from people who're more into metal, but they go for Randalls and Marshalls.
well i was looking at the eric johnson strat because i heard he is a total tone freak but brian may and slash use mahogany guitars so i dont know what to do about that, im willing to spend 1000£ on each but i want them to be able to take gigs well and last me a long time. not to bothered about getting slashs tone more brian mays, Clapton and Hendrixs.
Well, i found some information on this webpage. Maybe it will be able to help you out a little bit. http://www.mikesguitarsite.co.uk/gear/queen/

I'm not a big fan of Fender guitars so i guess the choosing will be up to you. Maybe you should make yourself a little list and just check out the reviews on UG, and afterward go to a guitar shop to try them out or something. Never buy before you try!

Good luck mate =]
i understand there not for every one, what about the mahogany body strat any one try that out yet?
if i get it im changing the pickups and the wiring(ill probably re-wire any guitar i get)

i had a vox amp not long ago but it died twice on me so i wasnt to happy, however i miss that damn thing the cleans were ok but it was the overdrive that got me most excited.
well get a vox if you like it so much, and i've never heard of any problem with an orange, played it myself and cleans were amazing...actually not sure if i ever hit a distortion on it or not though
my music....so check it out

you say that you wish there was a line 6 amp with decent tone, well there is one!
the vetta II. price for the combo is around 1700 dollars.
yeah id like a vox or fender probably but im not sure if there is a better alternative

but im after a really perfect tone, no digital i have tried line 6 i own one as wel there not to bad but i prefer the real mcoy
yeah i no dude but id rather have some thing tube but ill try it out just to be on the safe side.
are fender blues duluxe/hotrod what ever there called any good for cleans would you say there the best cleans what amp has the best cleans
for the best cleans, i'd say the fender deluxe reverb, or the twin reverb.
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Take a look at some Hughes and Kettner Amps. Also i noticed you mentioned you want to spend around £1000 so i'm assuming you're in the UK. If so, Check out Matamp, they make some AMAZING handmade amps and used to make the original Orange Amps.
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Well..... Vox + Marshall = CORNFORD

Check out the MK50. its their flagship
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!
Google is your friend.
A recent study shows that 8% of teenagers listen to nothing but music with guitars in it. Put this in your sig if you're one of the 92% who isn't a closed-minded moron.
Quote by bluespunkmetal
Well..... Vox + Marshall = CORNFORD

Check out the MK50. its their flagship

ill give that a try