i've got this body that i found at school, and i figured i might try and customise it. the first problem is that i think it's MDF. i reckon it's sustain would be s**te. but anyway, read on cs i might do this to another new body some time, depends on what u say to mdf.

a strat body, one that takes 2 humbuckers and a singlecoil in the middle, with a floyd-rose trem... perhaps i'd also carve a hole in the body to fit in some kind of on-board distortion. i'm talking about actually opening a d-pedal and stuffing the bits inside. reckon that'd work?

the body'd be black, and around the edge and up the neck i'm thinking of carving/routing out a groove I can put blue leds in, so it glows when it's on.

the neck i'd buy a blank one so i can cut my own design into it, because the fender one looks awful.

how does that sound?
How does alot of batteries sound.
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I can't recall what MDF is, I know it's Medium Density Fibre Board, but I forget how it differs from OSB, plywood or masonite.

Plywood would be half decent to mess around with for a body, masonite would make a pretty good shell for a hollow body (like the old Danos), and I can't see how OSB would have any place in guitar building. It should just be used to build houses.

EDIT: ... Aren't MDF and Masonite the same thing?

If so, the last thing you'll want to do is carve ANYTHING into it, Masonite chips like a son of a bitch.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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MDF? stop trying to steal the scraps bit of wood in your CDT department and get some sense in your head, MDF is a piece of shit wood, it has its uses but guitar building is nowhere near one of them.

your project sounds kind of wacky theres a lot of stuff going on there, it might be all a bit too much and no offense but it sounds like you dont know a great deal about making a guitar, so before anything go learn some stuff, check out the woods you have avalaible, accesories that exist, you can get on board gain just not in the way your talking about.


those guys are quite helpful and answer your questions readily.
MDF??? Are u nuts.. no way man.. MDF. is like. NOT TO BE USED TO MAKE A GUITAR!

Dude. Get yerself a alder blank. or mahogany. whatever you do. NO MDF!

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Okay, I was wrong. MDF is a step up from Particle board, the shittiest building material on the planet. Even mud is better than Particle board.

I can tell you right now that at least 99.9% of guitars AREN'T made out of MDF, for good reason. It chips and is made with Formaldehyde, a poisonous chemical. Which means you'll have to wear a mask if you'll be working with it.

So in short, go get a real wood to use as a body, even plywood would work better.
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- SmarterChild - says:
I don't know if I can help it.

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when i get the time, so maybe next year, i'll buy myself maybe an alder body.
i know building in a whole d-pedal is a bit ambitious, so i probably won't do that.
i'll make sure i have fun with the mdf body before i do, tho, perhaps fire or off a bridge hehehe i figured mdf would be shite, but free stuff is nice.
i like the led idea. what about, you know how some necks have metal circles on the fretboard to represent the fret numbers, well, i could make those leds as well, drill it out and fill the hole in with clear resin.
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