I'm a bit of a Little Birdy fan and this song seems easy but I can't get my strumming to sound like the song. This is the first song without a full tab that I have attempted and I need some help. Click here for the two different strums vz200.tripod.com/Strum1.wav and vz200.tripod.com/Strum_2.wav (capitals are important on tripod??). If anyone could help me get an approximate strumming pattern it would be great.
I think the first is something like 1(strum) 2 (leave) 3(strum x2) 4(leave) 5 (strumx2) 6(leave), second something like 1(strum) 2(leave) 3(leave) 4(strum) 5(strum) 6(leave) does that sound right??
Also any suggested amp settings would be appreciated I play it in overdrive with the gain set down and everything standard. Is that right??


Thanks for any help,
Ben Pazolli
Yamaha Pacifica 112J
VOX Pathfinder 10