this is some acoustic stuff my friend and i are up to. we do all the guitars and such. check it out and add it if u like it. there are no vox so just listen and comment on the musical aspect of it. thanks

p.s. we know the recording quality sucks haha just deal with it.
sounds pretty good in my opinion....i hear a little keyboard in the background...sounds great
Wow Good stuff I enjoyed every tune and the recording quality was actually quite good.
thanks man! haha yea its the best we could get out of audacity and an instrument mic. lol
Very good, not bad production at all. I also have some "acoustic melodic stuff". Check it out if you want: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=514623
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thanks everyone! we use to be in a metal/hardcore band together...so we would make heavy music for a while then stop. bust out some acoustics and write quick instrumentals to take a break from the aggressive stuff. some of the keyboards/ string parts kinda sound like they could be music to movies or soemthing...or like dawson's creek/ one tree hill kinda stuff...we wanna like get it out there for someone to use it like that..although we dont really know how to write the music down, we could still compose good music. haha thanks again..and any help would be appriciated!
this stuff sounds really good man! great tones and tightness between the two of you!
\M/ b4br4d \M/

this is really great! you got me picturing all kinds of stuff in my head. i love this kind of music, great job.

EDIT: I sent an add request, its Mōr, down tempo ambient black metal. Probably not your cuppa tea lol but im starting on some more acoustic songs.
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wooow theyre really good, i dont know why u havn't got more plays on there . very nice stuff =)
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haha thanks man! i put up th page around 12 in the morning..so hopefully we get the plays comin as soon as we get more friends! lol
thanks everyone for listening. we got 300 plays in less than 3 days! woot! add us if u like it!!!