I just started guitar lessons which I do from a software called Jamorama. It seems good but I keep going back to the same lessons. What I need is a good routine to keep me on track. I know it's going to take alot of practice and patience but can I get some advice on how to stay on the right track for practicing routines? I try to practice 2 hours a day and I need some kind of routine to stick too. Should I do some fingering exercises first and then open chords?

Should I work on memorizing notes on fretboard? I want to go through this the right way and not pickup any bad habits.

Please recommend some routines to gradually move me in the right direction
Umm...take lessons from a person.
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I would suggest that you buy a rock house learnt to play rock guitar.Its great I have bought all 3 of them.I have been playing for 3 years.The dvd has a book too and it takes you through thing like the parts of the guitar to chords to solos.,Youll love it.I have 3 friends that I told them about this too and they have proggresed a lot.

Good luck and keep on practicing

Quote by JJK
Umm...take lessons from a person.

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Just hit the lesson section on UG and start there
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You're better off learning from a live person. If you don't have somebody who gives lessons near you there are a ton of people who do it over the internet on a webcam. I've actually been thinking about taking lessons that way myself.
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Personally, I think you're better off learning at your own pace. Fair enough, you won't get as much from it, and you might feel like you aren't learning enough, but it's more satisfying to know that you have done it on your own, and you'll end up feeling more comfortable knowing that you're going at your own pace.

I think so anyway
step up ur practice hours, 2 hours is a bit shallow. most important have fun