I have a SG Epiphone Special,its a low end guitar,but its experimental. I just installed Dimarzio super distortion late 70's pickups. I now want to change the the switch,the input and the pods to a higher end. I know this will not work a ton of magic but it is non the less a project guitar. My question is,are some brands better than others...I have seen Dimarzio and Gibson and a few others...Does the quality matter? Will this enhance my sound?.........Thanks.....Ken
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I have been on numerous sites and they all claim the pods they sell are the best...lol
Switches and jacks should all be good unless you get really cheap ones. CTS pots are considered 'best.' Why do you want to change the switch though? Unless the old one is bad it's just going to be a pain, and won't affect your tone at all.

If you really want some nice pots and caps and such, get an RS kit:
Like tubes, there's only a few companies that make those parts. Dimarzio and Gibson parts are probably just re-packaged Alpha or Switchcraft parts.
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