I've only started playing the guitar recently and I'm thinking of buying my own guitar. SO i have my eye on the Ibanez PF60. I really want an electric-acoustic just because I actually play the guitar with my church. I also want the cutaway, and I'm not sure if i should get the natural color or the dark violin sunburst color.. I really don't know what the difference is.. this one also comes with a Ibanez Piezo Pickup and I really like the design of the pick guard,, and I plan on getting a guitar with that design on it anyways.. Right now i'm looking at it online at axemusic.com.. and the website is
for the natural and
for the dark violin..
but the picture is the same.. so i can't tell a difference of color..

any suggestions or comments?? should I even purchase this guitar as my first guitar? also, is it safe to buy a guitar (especially first guitar) online?
Thanks a bunch
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most of your concerns seem to be on the look of the guitar. you should choose that yourself i think, now the guitar on the other hand, seems to be your run of the mill guitar IMO, have you played this guitar in RL? no? go to your nearest guitar store and touch some. dont just search the web, cause honestly, every guitar looks like they are the best. untill you actually play it, your making an uniformed decision. And about online, i havent bought from Axe music, as for i am in the US, but i have bought a guitar online, they dont gip you, the guitar came packe well, and playable, but when i get guitars i usually take them to a tech to get the most playability out of it, haveing the inotation adjusted, new strings, just whatever needs to be done its relatively cheap and i think its worth it. or if you have friends that can do it, then thats even better. But i always suggest playing it in real life first.
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I've never bought stuff online before, but it should be safe, especially when you're buying from an online store than some person you met on the internet.
As for a first guitar, I can't tell because your links don't work for me.
Don't worry too much about how the guitar looks, worry more about it's sound and feel. to do that It's best to go try one out at a local store.

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