Hi slackers/slappers..

Im going to buy a used bass and an amp on what you could call Swedens E-bay (because im swedish if you didnt get that) and I'm wondering what you should look/listen for when you playtest it before you buy it?

Scratches isnt a big deal for me, just that it sounds good and that the electrics work, both in the bass and the amp, how can I find out?

Out of curiousity, what bass/amp?

Anyway, here's a walkthrough:


1. Look down the neck, from the headstock and from the bridge. There should only be a slight curve to it; if there is an enormous amount of curve, or the neck is twisted, don't buy the bass. Simple.

2. Twist the tuning knobs a bit. They should feel smooth, and should not be exceedingly resistant to turning. Also, make sure there is no rust on the tuners, particularly if they are the open-gear type.

3. Make sure the nut is in good shape, and glued in properly.

4. Run your hand up and down the sides of the neck. Are the frets filed properly? If not, they'll scratch/cut your fingers when you do slides.

5. Take a look at the frets themselves; they tend to develop grooves in them as the strings wear down the metal. If you see large grooves in the frets, you'll need to get the bass re-fretted if you buy it.

6. Take a cursory look at the bridge and controls, and make sure nothing is broken/excessively rusted. Give the knobs a twist to make sure they turn smoothly.

7. Plug the bass in, and make sure the pickups work (and also to determine if you like the sound in the first place). Turn the control knobs again to make sure they don't crackle when turned.

8. If the bass has a control cavity with an access plate on the back of the bass, feel free to open it up and make sure everything is soldered properly. You might check for cocaine, too. Funny story, my buddy once bought a used bass from a local pawn shop, and when he opened up the control cavity some time later, he found about 10 grams of hash.


1. If you can, remove the speaker cover and have a look at the speaker. If there are tears or holes in the speaker, or wrinkles around the cone, stay away.

2. With the bass plugged in, turn it on and play a few lines to make sure it works at all.

3. Play with every control. Make sure there is no crackle when the knobs are turned, and that each control works.

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Sounds to me like an excuse.

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Oh damn it! Thanks alot, I didn't expect an explenation like this one, thanks alot!=)

Though I'm new to playing Bass, I've been playing the Guitar a while but I want to learn to play the Bass too so I'm going to buy a prett newbie bass and amp.

The seller is selling the bass cause of his son loosing interest, the bass is almost never played according to him.

It's an Ibanez GSR180BK and a Riley 15 Amp, anyway thats what he told me, I'm going to check it out in the weekend.

He is selling it for about 230 dollars I think, Im not sure bout tha value of the dollar anymore but somewhere around that.

Do you think its worth it?

Thanks again anyway!