I just got my Vox ad30vt and haven't had much time to spend figuring out set-up. Can you guys with experience with this amp help me? I'm trying to figure out settings (amp type-effects, gain, etc.) for these artists.

Green Day
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Johnny Cash electric
Tom Petty (mary-jane)
Dire Straights (money 4 nothing)

If you're lazy, like me: Use UK '80s for EVERYTHING and dial back your guitar's volume for clean tone.

If you need TEH MORE DISTORTIONZORZ, swap to US Higain.
chillis-uk modern, its what john uses
green day- Us hi gain sounds the best for moderny punk sorta crap
nirvana-one of the uks, probably modern or eighties, depending on song

dont know the other two sorry

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