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Welcome to the Official S&L Championship Points Thread Season III.

Well thats SIII finished!

Congratulations to- The Hurt Within!

For a second season in a row, Steve has been the best writer on these forums.

Now that the 30pt mark has been hit, it will trigger the Grand Championship! This will run parallel to SIV and will contain the top 8 writers of this season all competing for the prize of Grand Champion. But can anyone beat Steve, who is also the current Champions Belt holder?

Tommorow, I shall put up the Grand Championship thread, and expect to see the SIV thread up within a few days.

Please, if you have any improvements you think can be made to this competition, go to the contests forum ideas thread!

Once more- Congrats to The Hurt Within!

Please post all results of 1 vs 1 and competitions here. Read the contests FAQ if you have any questions, or PM me or The Hurt Within if you still can't find what you're looking for. Look through the forum to see how these things are done, and learn from them.

Also do not post anything else in this thread, post results ONLY. Anything else may result in warnings. Competition starters notifying me of deductions may also post them here, stating the competition name.

The Hurt Within +2
#1synth -2

Official S&L Points League Table:

The Top Tier:

The Hurt Within +30
Retribution +21
Silence Evolves +12
Jammydude44 +7
Grovermans +6
#1synth +5
TrigFunction +5
punchupatatigger +5
furtherfan21 +4
Daemonika +4
circular.parade +4
siftings +3
Mistress Alia +3
truly_ninja +3
rushmore +2
ndakasimba +2
Alix_D +2
abhishek21 +2
Degorath +1

The Lower Tier:

ragglefraggle 0
bassbeat77 0
something_vague -1
stratkat -1
DanteR -1
acdc4ever -1
auals -1
thundernation -1
wahreit leid -1
phantom1 -2
streetcarp19 -4
axe395 -4
Fate of Mind -4
alk 3 addict -5


S&L Competitions- Previous Winners:

Imitation Comp:
Winner: The Hurt Within (4pts)
Runner Up: Retribution (3pts)

Mixed Lines Comp:
Winner: The Hurt Within (4pts)
Runners Up: stratkat (3pts), Retribution (2pts)

Valentines Day Comp:
Winner: Retirbution (3 pts)
Runners Up: #1synth, Grovermans (2pts)

Single word Comp:
Winner: The Hurt Within (4pts)
Runners up: Siftings (3pts), TrigFunction (2pts)

Cluedo Comp:
Winner: Retribution (4pts)
Runners Up: SilenceEvolves (3pts), Alix_D (2pts)

5 Senses Comp:
Winners: The Hurt Within, Grovermans (4pts)
Runners Up: #1Synth, Trigfunction (3pts)

Newbie Comp:
Winner: Mistress Alia (3pts)
Runners Up: ndakasimba (2pts), Degorath (1pt)

Limerick Comp:
Winner: Furtherfan (4pts)
Runners Up: Retribution (3pts), SilenceEvolves (2pts), Bassbeat (1pt)

Europe Vs N.America Comp:
Winners: Europe!!

Previous Winners:


The Hurt Within +25
#1synth +15
Alk 3 addict +11
Phoebus +10
LOOKtheskyfell! +8

The Hurt Within +30
Retribution +21
Silence Evolves +12
Jammydude44 +7

S&L Writer of The Month Winners:

May '04-Drummondo [Mike] (First Ever Writer Of The Month)
October '04-Phoebus [Jay] (First & Only to Win Same Month Registered)
November '04-The Hurt Within [Steve]
December '04-Falloutboy [Menry]
January '05-Init4thefashion [Jude]
February '05-Stellar_Legs [Randy]
March '05-Until_It_Sleeps [Jez]
April '05-Something_Vague [Matt]
May '05-Saam16 [Sammie]
June '05-ColdFrontAttack, lessthanthat, LOOKtheskyfell [Derek/Mikey/Ben]
July '05-Something_Vague [Matt] (First Second Time Winner)
August '05-CallMeASafeBet [Jess] (First Female WOTM)
September '05-ColdfrontAttack [Derek]
October '05-Scousertommy [Ronan]
November '05-Jallas [Alice]
December '05-HendrixEdge [Will]
January '06- Pixiesfanyo! [Jared]
Febuary '06- SilenceEvolves [Corey]
March '06- Thepickups [Glenn/Conner]
April '06- #1 Synth [Dylan]
May '06- Pooch01 [Antoine]
June '06- Something_Vague [Matt] (First Three Time Winner)
July '06- TrigFunction [Mike]
August '06- Jammydude44 [Jamie]
September '06- Carmel_l [Carmel]
October '06- less than that [Mike]
November '06- streetcarp19 [BJ]
December '06- LOOKtheskyfell! [Ben]
January '07- SilenceEvolves [Corey]
February '07- Retribution [James]

Last edited by Jammydude44 at Mar 31, 2007,
valentine's day comp
-1 pts to:
acdc4ever - didn't send in
truly_ninja - didn't send in
auals - didn't send in
thundernation - sent in a song
wahreit leid - didn't send in
axe395 - didn't send in
^ I'm not actually competing in this season, things bugged me about the way the last season ended, so I'm having a break, not to say I wont enter a piece every now and again.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Quote by Retribution
Retribution +3
Grovermans -3

i thought we decided on two?
ah well. whatever.

I just want to sleep forever.

-1 for failure to submit to the mixed lines comp:

Season One N/A?

pfft I won that shit by having 20 pts for 8 months.

I was banned twice and I was still in the lead.
:p theres no record of it...

I would put it up otherwise. A long long time ago, it was Jez (until_it_sleeps) and I too.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
rofl ^

Anyway Newbie comp results:

Mistress Alia 3pts
ndakasimba 2pts
Degorath 1pt

Well done all.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Quote by Something_Vague
something_vague + 4
truely ninja -4

are you ****ing kidding me? i beat you! my sonnet destroyed your filigree.
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