Hey guys, just a quick question perhaps someone could help me out with. I've come up with a chord progression, and I was wondering how I figure out what the key of the song is from the chords. I've read the "What chords are in what key and why" article, but I was wondering if instead of starting with the key and finding the chords, you could start with the chords and find the key (I know there's a way, perhaps you can enlighten me? :P)

Anyways, the progression is:

Am, Cadd9, G, D.

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
seems to be G, but maybe C
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Anyway you can help me figure out how you came to that? I'd really like to know how to do this. Thanks for the response though man.
Am - A C E
Cadd9 - C E G D (I think... Not good with add9's)
G - G B D
D - D F# A

So you look at all the notes you're using and notice that the only accidental is F#. Which key has that in it and the rest of the notes as well? G Major.
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G major , yes, kinda, but it sounds like it would come to rest on D major, i would use


which i think (don't quote me) is mixolydian
but i'm not good at remembering the name so it might be different.