I've always been into Fender amps, but Marshall's are starting to intrigue me. I know the JTM45 is supposed to be one of the nicest amps out there. What would be the best cabinet to go with a JTM45 head? I'm talking way in the future here by the way...no way I could afford this stuff now.
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I would say a JCM 800 cab from the 80's.

If not a cab thats paired with the JTM.
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Reading a review of the jtm45 reissue in my guitar magazine, you actually get matching cabs, there called the 81240, they say its an 8x12, but its realy just a marketing scam, its two 4x12's lol. You can get a full stack of the jtm45 reissue for £3324, which is the head and two cabs.
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1. The JCM800 is not vintage sounding. It's just not as modern as the 900 or DSL/TSL.

2. The JTM45 is much closer to the vintage marshall tones you mention.

3. For what a JTM45 will cost look for a late 60's/early 70's superlead instead.

4. For much less money go to www.ceriatone.com and check out the 18w clone. Absolutely the tone you're looking for, and it's a LOUD 18w.
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Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker reissue.

It's a JTM45.... In a combo (with tremelo aswell)

Or you could get one of the ceriatone ones, I was tempted to a while ago.
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+1 on checking out Ceriatone. They do all sorts of vintage amps... Matchless, trainwreck old JTMs except they are all brand new!
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I just got back from Guitar Center, and holy crap do JCM 9000 DSL's suck ass. I tried one and the clean was alright, but the overdrive/distortion was horrendous. I went to a '59 Bassman after and was in heaven! Except there was no reverb.

But I think Fenders are for me.

EDIT: I mean JCM 2000 DSL's.
*Taylor 214ce Acoustic
*Fender Highway One Honey Blonde Strat (Fralin Pickups)
*Epiphone Zephyr Regent (Gibson '57 Humbucker)
*Vox 847 Wah
*Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET
*Fender Blues Deluxe Amp
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The best vintage sounding Marshalls? Metropolus's (unless your talking original Plexis...). These are exact redentions of the Super Leads. Im gonna buy a PTP circuit from them and put in my Plexi.

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