I couldnt find anything on Fender's website about it, but there appears to be a new Strat for '07.

Even tough it doesnt seem to be an official Jimi model, they havent had a Jimi-influenced Strat out for awhile now. Never at that price, with those features, either.

ahh now i get the title. thats pretty cool, personally i wouldnt buy it, i would just get a regular strat but its cool for all the jimi fanatics out there
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They've done a few Hendrix models in the past, that one's nothing too impressive though.
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oh wow. thats cool. i didnt know about that.

there were jimi models made. but, when he died and "Experience Hendrix" was formed, they basically got half the money, and Fender wasn't paying them enough, so they took away theyre rights.
Saw it on the cover of the new Musician's Friend catalog. I'd rather have a normal strat myself.
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It looks just like the Classic Players 70's Strat but with the reversed headstock. Pretty neat though!
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It looks just like the Classic Players 70's Strat but with the reversed headstock. Pretty neat though!

Not to mention the '69 pickups, reverse wound.

And I knew they made various models in the past, I was just pointing out they havent had a new one for awhile, and not one for this price persay.
I'd rather get a lefty strat and flip it, instead of having the body and controls the normal way.
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I have two Strats like that^^, to be honest it can get really uncomfortable after awhile. Im looking forward to having the knobs the other way around.