I have an Epiphone guitar made like a stratocaster (HSS config)...rosewood fretboard, maple neck..etc also has a floyd rose bridge installed and is a little heavy.

What pickups would you suggest..and could you also describe them a little?

Should I buy Gibson pickups or Fender or some other?
Also I would probably not be able to try and return them afterwards as I am buying from another city.
I like classic rock, psychedelia, and also Steve Vai, Radiohead,...etc.
Man, I love those Epi Strats. I wanna buy one, just for kicks. Floyd Rose, really? Not just a standard strat trem? So it's got a locking nut....? Interesting. Got any pics?
Classic rock? HSS?
Well, if you were to look at Seymour Duncans....
An SH-11 Custom Custom is a good aggressive PAF-style (PAF is the nickname given to 60's Gibson Les Paul humbuckers.) pickup with enough crunch for classic rock, but will clean up nicely if you roll down the volume.
As for the single coils...
Perhaps a Seymour Duncan SSL-2 in the neck, for glassy, vintage-y, single coil tone. That'll do Radiohead, and psychadelic rock. Pink Floyd used single coils. Nothing like classic single coil sparkle.
Then in the middle position, perhaps a SSL52-1 Five Two. It uses two different magnets, one for the bass strings one for the treble. This leads to a tight bottom end, as well as the sparkle single coils are known for. This one is a little higher output than the SSL-2, to balance the output between the pickups.
SeymourDuncan.com has some clips of these pickups if you want to try them out.
Hey thanks forsaknazrael, I checked out the Seymour Duncan website..pretty nice. Have pics, a little large, will post tomo.

Do those SD pickups sound too warm? I like a little brighter tone..is it a good idea to get a soapbar (isnt that a single coil of humbucker shape?) in the bridge? What do you think of getting a DiMarzio Evolution in the bridge? And what can go with it for the neck and the middle pickups?

And do i need to care about string spacing and all that?
Nah, soapbars are different than a humbucker. Different routing and such. Sides, they're better in Mahogany then alder (which is what your strat is probably made of.)
I hear that Evo's are nice, but they pick up everything. Like when you slide your fingers around, extra vibrations...stuff like that. People will hear sloppiness in your playing...So if you're sloppy, like me, it's not a good idea.
I've tried the SSL-1, which is the same as an SSL-2, but with staggered pole pieces, and I thought it was bright enough. Got some nice glazzy vintage single coil tone. If you like it bright, stick another SSL-2 in the middle instead of the SSL52-1.

String spacing..? A Lot of people get F-spaced humbuckers, or trembuckers...Single coils are close to the neck, so it's not really a problem. Seymour Duncan makes trembuckers of every humbucker they make, so that's something. I don't know much about Dimarzio, though, so I can't help ya there.
an Epip Strat? *googles*
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Finally got the software to scale them down to the permitted size.
Here are the pics.

And thanks anyways for the help,forsaknazrael, I've decided to wait a little longer till I'm in a better position to decide the pickups for my guitar. Till then I've bought a Jackson which has Seymour Duncans, Jazz and JB.
Image(232) copy2.jpg
Image(231) copy2.jpg
If i ever run across one of them again, I'll have the cash in pocket to buy it. I love those damn things, man, they're fantastic.
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Come to India! I know a shop which keeps them!

Btw, can I install a good single coil in the place of the humbucker...or is that a stupid idea?
Ya, you could. You'd just need a new pickguard. Dunno is a standard strat pickguard will fit on on an Epi Strat, because of potential screw hole differences...
But go to allparts.com, and search for pickup conversion, and there's a little plate you can fit in a humbucker space on a pickguard, and it'll allow ya to put in a single coil. Dunno if they ship to indie, but at least you'll get an idea of what I mean.