alrite does anyone know the settins for master of puppets ive got a marshall mg50 and the settins are gain bass contour and treble cheers and ive got a les paul if that makes a difference cheers
Go get a triple rectifier and an Explorer with EMG 81 and 60.

Best you're gonna do tho is scooping the mids, lots of hi and bass.
a new amp, and some seymour duncan invaders (i think thats what they used on it).

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They look pretty, don't they?

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Reverb at 2, Treble at 8, Drive at 9, Bass at 8, and Mids at 2.

That should give you something identical to Hetfield.
dont scoop the mids you fools
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get 16 guitars, play them at the same time, with lots of volume...

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you have les paul through an mg
is it an actual les paul, if it is your really retarded
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