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For making a song in a band, does it sound bad if there are too many instruments playing, for example, with us we have two electric guitars, bass and keyboard, will it sound to 'busy' if we play songs with everyone playing at the same time?
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umm, if it sounds coherent then no. i mean, look at children of bodom, two guitars, keyboard bassist drummer and it still sounds pretty awesome
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no. look at oasis' morning glory: there are 3 guitars and bass in the song, and in my opinion it doesn't sound 'busy'.
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I am starting to enjoy 3 guitar parts in songs. Just be tight.
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yeah, it's all about making sure you all know what to play and when. if you're all just playing the same riff on different instruments, then yes, it will probably sound busy and noisy... if you're using each instrument in it's own way, then it'll probably sound good. Just work on each section of the song seperately, starting with one instrument, and adding another and another until you have all your parts figured out.