I have £200 which is now about $400 to spend on a guitar. I play modern punk. I want something which has amazing tone, im using a vox DA5 which goes into a crappy 40 watt amplifeier, but i wont be using the tone of the 40 watt amp just the volume.

uh u won't get amazing tone for £200, but i love my squier affinity fat strat
I have that and it does the job. The thin neck isn't for everyone though, I don't like it much anymore :/

flickr you might
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Most of your tone comes from your amp! Even a custom Les Paul will sound pants on a crap amp so you may want to look at upgrading your amp before buying a new guitar.
If you really want a new guitar your best bet is to save another £50-£100 and get an Ibanez SA. I used to have one and it worked really well for hard rock/punk.

In all honesty though punk and amazing tone don't go hand in hand.
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
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You'd be best buying a new amp first. Look at maybe a MG or Cube or something within those guidelines.