You may just have to ride a horse...no cars that big sorry
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Yeah you were right about me
I drive a nissan almera. I have the seat right back otherwise I dont fit.

The newer Ford Fiesta is good for tall people. Im 6ft 5 tho.
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a bike

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Our vauxhall Zafira is fairly roomy....I'm only 6''3 but I still have PLENTY of room. I'm sure you'd fit
my friend is 6 foot 7 and he drives a volkswage rabbit, looks like a DOUCHE BAG
Position your seat so your really arched back thus solving any problems, aprat from difficulty seeing.
i have the same problem too and i want to drive a regular car, not a van or truck or anything, and this really helped.
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Im 6 foot 2 and My Buick is about as comfortable as is gets.
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"Do you find something comical about my appearance when I'm driving my automobile?"


I can only suggest a convertible though, or just open the sun roof.
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FIAT 500

this guy knows the shit. FIAT 125 BIZ
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get a 2 seater so you can move the seat back as much as you want
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Go for a Land Rover.
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one of my buddies is 6'7" and he fits wonderfully in a PT cruiser.

check one of those
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Start training your legs, get in the NBA.

Buy a pimpin' ass Hummer.
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'04 Chevy Silverado and I'm 6'5" Plenty of room to spare.
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omg dood 6 ft 8... thats like huge... im 5'4"
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I dont have my own car, but my family's car kinda Sucks.... 6'4" + Geo Prizm = Bad
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