I have to write a 5 page essay, or an argument on something in the entertainment business.

Obviously, it really can't be opinionated. It can be anything in the business of movies, music or books. I would like to do music.

So lets get started.

First, what are some things in the music world, that can be proven factually, that you feel strongly against.

I was thinking possibly something about illegal music downloading decreasing music sales...

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Just do about violence in kids films or video games having a bad influence. its easier.
Do it on condoms being distributed at schools..thats what i did
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It can't be opinionated? How are you gonna write an argumentative essay without an opinion? That's what a thesis is...your stance on a subject. (i.e. your opinion/argument)

Unless you are saying that you can't include any first person (I, me, you)
Do it about the content of lyrics against the behaviour of youths ie do we copy what people sing about.
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A 5-page article on how Big Brother is making people dumber by the second. In fact, you could do that in over 100 pages. You get the advantage on reporting on a current event of Jade and Shilpa.
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